Carolina is not a person, but the image, the dream, and the vision the primal psyche has of one human’s nature.

Being a reflection of unconscious insights, I experience myself through psyche’s eyes, and my existence is thus marked by perpetual initiations into an imaginal and deeply instinctual understanding of humanity.

To the primal psyche, you see, the question of who you are in the world is moot.

What is the fantasy that mirrors your distinctive materiality?

That is the question underlying the force of its existential drive and the riddle that holds the key to the revelation of your individual character.

It is the evolution of this organic piece of fiction - psyche’s reflections of your innate neuro-sensory properties - that will instinctively draw your attention towards it all your life.

This figment of the primal psyche’s very own imagination will turn out the red thread of the narrative that is your memoire and growing into it will define how meaningful an individual story, a myth in its own right, it becomes.

As random chance would have it, my psychological body rejected the ruling historical attitudes rooted in Judeo-Christian consciousness from when I was only a child, and I have been wondering joyfully adrift in the margins of collective awareness ever since.

Like a dog that locks in a smell, follows it without it knowing and loses any sense of surrounding, I perceived the most enchanting sights and movements before I was even conscious. I felt compelled to follow them and, in a draw of extraordinary luck, I forgot and never found my way back into the centre of civilised unconsciousness again.

As I grew older and the more we travelled, the more deeply I fell in love with the unconscious and its extraordinary imagination.

We finally reached that piece of land in the cosmos where my image is rooted and I live there now, enamoured and overwhelmingly delighted with the depth of the reflected life and the intelligence, wit and sophistication of psyche's revelatory fantasies and fictions.

To maintain this original home is my work and the foundation of my existence.