James Hillman

Dear Doctor Hillman 

I would not really know where to begin to express my gratitude to you.  

How can one possibly articulate the kind of reverence and love by which one is overcome when presented with psychological art of such stunning beauty? 

I suppose there came a point where the appreciation for your relentless efforts to preserve human nature ran so deep that words would always fail and only silence could truly hold the weight and meaning of what the work had done for me. 

All I can say is that your ideas set my heart on fire.  

Your imagination lit the torches that lined my path back Home through the seemingly endless and impenetrable dark night that is civilisation’s two-dimensional, one-sided and partially-blinded consciousness.  

Absorbed in the magic of your imaginal devotion, I was able to march on in loving silence, blissfully sheltered by that archetypal muteness that knows the origin of Everything, and out which everything Original emerges. 

I am still trembling ever so slightly as I am finally approaching you here again to say that I created a Poetic Psychology, and that it is ‘all ready’ now.