Psyche and Evil

On one or two occasions, I have encountered a sense and an image of evil in the unconscious, yet it remained inconsequential, and there is subsequently nothing much of interest I could say about the matter. In one vision I had, the psyche nevertheless told me silently that Evil was not a property of man, but of the unconscious itself. I do not know what that means, however I wonder whether the same applies to matter – that what we call Evil ultimately exists prior to human existence and is effectively located in the properties of the material dimension itself. If I look at my poetic parents - the two most significant structural forces of my psychological nature – I would have to say that while my father and the other masculine and paternal instincts I encounter have an intrinsic potential to be extremely violent and can exercise this brutality in an outright psychopathic way if triggered, the innate ability to stir Evil (though this concept is not understood by the primal psyche a such) appears to be a property characteristic of my mother and the maternal ancestry. This has to do with the closeness of the feminine to the primal black matter in the unconscious and the ability – or possibly the drive - to create Black Holes in the psyche, as it were. It is for this reason that I would always be inclined to advocate trying to remain close to, not only the obscurity of the senses in your own deep mind, but also the darkness inherent in the inegalitarian and destructive aspect of the natural world, out of which humans did after all evolve. It is possible that tolerating and learning how to consciously endure the inhumaneness has a strengthening, counter- gravitational, effect when it comes to your instincts developing resistance and resilience against being corrupted and turning sinister.