Psyche and Matter

They are so wonderfully unconscious at the heart of it, these two magnificent existential forces, as they roam about the universe, blissfully oblivious of each other and of what is going on. Jung supposedly once said that if you are living along the lines of nature, you are living in the right way. I would go further and say that if you can lean into the enormity of the unconscious backdrop that is existence, you are living in the right way.  It seems probable to me that the universe as a whole is not conscious at all, and that it effectively developed, and keeps developing and structuring itself, according to drives that are entirely unawares to it. Consciousness and self-awareness, as we know it anyway, is arguably an outlier, an exception, and a completely atypical phenomenon compared to the nature of existence. It certainly seems to me that it would therefore be helpful for humanity to maintain close bonds with man’s unconsciousness, never to become too awake, as a dream image of Jung once advised me personally, if one wanted to feel well and find some comfort in this life. Despite its primal independence, there is nevertheless something about psyche that is perpetually driven to penetrate matter. It is like air or water that will flow unhindered wherever there is open space. Psyche’s natural movement is towards and into any materiality it meets. There are people who say that the world is ensouled, and I suppose this is what they mean: that every material aspect of existence contains a touch of psyche, which is innately driven to permeate, animate and illuminate every single thing. Most material entities are not very accommodating with regards to this type of in-sight, because they are not particularly permeable, psychologically speaking. Psyche enters, but there are only basic faculties present where the unconscious can enter, follow its instincts, and shed some light into the nature of an object from within. Humans are different, of course, when it comes to the receptivity, the compatibility, of their physical senses and the properties of the unconscious. The moment psyche entered the human body, there was Light, and psyche producing its fiction became possible, and more intricate, on a wider scale. And so, the unconscious stayed and made itself at home, following its characteristic drive to permeate the material creatures it meets in every corner of their being, instinctively and randomly programmed to reveal through images what they are from the inside shining out. It has always intrigued me to observe how the psyche is not interested, i.e. not driven, at all to know what it is (I quickly learnt to give up on questions or lines of enquiry that the unconscious itself does not follow at all). And yet it is absolutely relentless, uncompromising, and remarkably sophisticated in mapping out the entire landscape of your intrinsic nature if your genetic and neurological composition is permeable enough for its particular instincts to reach your conscious senses.